Perinatal Programs
Kinetic Energy Perinatal Programs are designed to prepare women for the preconception stage as well as for the physiological
changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum stages. Classes are designed to develop strength and endurance in
preparation for conception, labor/delivery, and as well as to assist with the development of toned muscles after the baby is born.  
The abdominals, back, and pelvic floor muscles endure the most stress during pregnancy and early postpartum stages, and will be
emphasized during strengthening but each class will always provide a total body workout.  These small group classes are also
designed to be a vehicle for women to meet others experiencing the many changes and emotions that are occurring at this time.
Preconception, Prenatal, and Postnatal fitness classes are run at various seasons throughout the year.

Current Classes Offered

Perinatal Pilates in the Park: This outdoor 60 minute fitness class incorporates pilates, pelvic/core strengthening, gentle
cardio, and stretching.  This combined class has been developed for women in their preconception, prenatal, and postnatal
stages.  This small group class will provide you with the "power" to take control of your body and to help you have
a  "fit" life during any perinatal stage of your life.  Any woman of any fitness level and in any trimester of their
pregnancy or post pregnancy can participate in this class.  Each class consists of cardiovascular exercises
with full body toning and strengthening intervals designed gain overall strength and endurance.  Soon-to-be
mothers are also instructed in special breathing techniques with abdominal and pelvic floor activation (kegels)
in preparation for her labor and delivery.  All classes are based on the most recent American College of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines and require documented
clearance your from health
care provider if you are pregnant or less than 6 weeks post-delivery.  Don't forget to bring your yoga mat and water.  

Dates/Location: Saturdays 9:00am-10:00am
July 20-Aug 24th
Cost: $15/class or $70 for 6 weekly classes  
Online registration/payment is due before the first day of class
Kinetic Energy Fitness & Physical Therapy