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Grand Opening Coming Soon!

Kinetic Energy Fitness is opening soon! Beginning February 7th, the studio will be open for regularly scheduled fitness classes throughout the week. You'll find morning, afternoon and evening classes of all types suitable for all fitness levels.

My name is Amber Ike, and I am SO EXCITED to be bringing this fitness studio to Piqua. I've lived in Piqua for the last 10 years and have loved all of the growing I have done personally since moving here. Fitness, health and nutrition have been such a passion of mine for years now, and I've always wanted to be able to share my love of this with others. For years, I've dreamed of helping others in a supportive and fun group setting where you can smile, laugh and sweat all at the same time. My studio is the type of environment where you'll want to bring a friend and share the experience with others! I can't wait to see how the studio grows and helps others.

Not only will I be offering group fitness classes, but I am also working to complete my personal training certification, and I'm excited to begin offering those services next quarter. I will also be offering recipe plans for purchase on my site. I have really enjoyed learning lots of different recipe combinations over the years that can be high or low in protein, fat and carbs, and I'll be offering groupings of those as a type of weekly meal plan.

Below is some progress photos of the studio. Check out all the equipment I'm about to unbox! I can't wait to see you all and work out with you! Stay tuned for information about an open house next week and a special coupon code for attending!

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